About Us

Fundnstart is a crowdfunding and Equity funding site. We are open to individual looking to raise fund for personal projects and to small business looking to raise fund for projects such as startup capital, seed fund, development fund, early stage funding.

Our platform

Fundnstart makes it easy for everyone to raise capital by providing useful resources such as facebook share, twitter tweet, stubbleupon, linkedin share, google plus share, google plus recommend, pinterest pinit, tumblr post and reddit.

We also offer you tools such as Youtube and vimeo embedding for your fund raising. Photos, videos, pleadge reward and many more to increase the effectivement and to attract interest for your fundraising.

With our platform, you can launch your project within 2 minutes.

Why choose us

Fundnstart platform is a revolutionary crowdfunding and equity funding platform.

Fundnstart is here to transform the crowdfunding sphere.

The transformation has begun. Some of the transformation are:

  1. Platform: Our platform is very easy for users and quicker to start a campaign. You can start a campaign within 2 minutes. You can add all your tools and make them start working immediately and you can start raising fund instantly.

  2. Fees: Most crowdfunding and equity funding websites has made it almost impossible for people to succeed with their project after completing a campaign. Crowdfunding sites charge rates ranging from 5 to 15% service charge which has an 80% chance of dislocating your project at the end of a campaign. We only charge a very low fee of 3.5% for a fully funded campaign, see FEES page for more details. Charges are only deducted when a campaign is successful.

  3. Global opportunity: We offer a global opportunity for your campaign to access the world. Our platform is a global platform that is open for campaign and support/donation from any part of the world, so, whether you are from India, China, USA, Australia, New zealand, South africa, Germany or any part of the world.

  4. Localization: We support more than 60 languages. With this, you can reach out to more people for your campaign.

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